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Running in Style with Maaji

While fashion and lifestyle brand Maaji is most commonly known for its iconic swimwear, active and yoga wear designs, the Columbian-born fashion powerhouse also offers fashion-loving runners a stunning range of running gear. In characteristic Maaji style, the range of sportswear designed specifically for running and jogging combine a fun and unexpected use of colour and prints with an unwavering attention to detail and emphasis on comfort.

run with maaji

It’s therefore hardly surprising that the online health and wellness platform recently published an article comparing the 12 best running shorts for women for summer 2016.

In this comprehensive guide to this season’s most stylish and functional running shorts, the author examined the best of the season using the following main criteria: sizing, comfort, pockets, noticeable features and what use the shorts were best for. The roundup included 2 Maaji designs that are available for purchase online on the Colourbox shop.

The first pair of Maaji running shorts featured is the Watermoon Shorts, which according to the author herself are:

Super comfortable, and the thicker material and wider waistband made them the most comfortable short shorts out of the lot.

Hailed as ideal shorts for track sessions, short runs and yoga or Pilates classes, the Gleaming Canvas Shorts come in typically bold Maaji colours and prints and are available in a range of sizes to fit any runner wanting to exercise in supreme style and comfort.

watermoon shorts

The second pair of shorts featured in the list is the Reversible Ink Shorts, which are both striking in their look and feel and the most notable feature of being completely reversible. This provides the wearer with the utmost flexibility in choosing how she wishes to don the gear.

Considered ideal for walking and lounging and being extremely comfortable – as one would naturally expect from Maaji – the author notes that:

You’ll find yourself reaching for them for walks and everyday wear.

run with maaji

So if you’re looking for running shorts that not only feel great as you work out, but look fabulous too, check out the range of Maaji designs available to purchase online on the Colourbox store.

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