The design team at Maaji believes that inspiration is everywhere. By staying curious they make sure they don’t miss out on the beauty of life. Their ranges are inspired by everything from books and art, to nature and real-life experiences.

An important part of their process is to make sure that their ideas come together to tell an interesting and inspiring story that also reflect their brand attributes. Their Head of Design and fashion designer work together closely throughout this entire process.

Next is to decide which colours and prints with go an all the different and iconic Maaji styles. At this stage new designs sometimes get added to best show off the new range prints and to reflect future trends. As their ranges are often designed more than a year in advance.

Once the colours and designs are set, all the fabric is sourced and printed. In keeping with their sustainability goals. Maaji finds most of their fabric locally, in Columbia, and where fabric must be purchased overseas, they still make sure that it is sustainably produced by environmentally and socially ethical companies.

As soon as all the fabric and trims are ready to so their production houses commence with sewing up the collection. Garments are quality checked regularly to ensure that their fit is perfect for every size from XS to 3XL.

After everything has been sewn up, all apparel and swimwear goes through a final check to make sure they’re delivering the most Maajical pieces to us at Colourbox. 

From there it’s sent over the seas, to hang on our rails and find it’s way into your summer adventures!

October 14, 2022 — Sasha Heynes

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