Like a flock of birds following their instinctual calling to move en masse across the hemispheres, so too do we sun-worshipping South Africans find ourselves migrating to warmer weather when the cold snap of winter hits. Our aim at Colourbox is to always have the most beautiful selection of swimwear and resort wear all year round, for you to be able to pack your bags in July and hit the beaches abroad in style.


With Colourbox being a family-owned, and female-run business, we looked for a brand who represented the same values that we aim to bring into the work we do every day. And we found that in Maaji, a brand started by sisters, Amalia and Manuela Sierra. Over the past 20 years they’ve built a successful and sustainable business. They’ve done so by not simply producing swimwear, but by aiming to enhance the summer lifestyle through fashion and bold expression.


We believe that is what your style should be, an expression of who you are. This is no more evident than when new ranges come in and all of us in the stores and office pick our personal favourites for the season ahead. Sigal, our founder and boss-extraordinaire has developed such an eye for buying that she knows how to select something for everyone. But I’d bet if it were up to the team as individuals, we’d have rails in one store filled with big florals and bold solid colours, and in another likely have a neon party of brightness. We stand firm to the personality projected by our style.


So what it your signature style element? Do your clothes reflect the woman you are? Our ladies are waiting in store to help you find pieces that will let your unique spirit shine. Fill your suitcase with everything you need to chase the sun.

June 23, 2022 — Sasha Heynes

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