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A Kite-surfing Mermaid by Michelle Hayward

It’s true, kite-surfing is not just for the guys; 'mermaids' can do it too!

Often women will look at me in utter disbelief when I tell them that I am a kite-surfer. The common misconception is that one needs to be really big and strong to do this sport, when in fact there are many women and even young girls that excel at kite-surfing. It may be an extreme sport, but that doesn’t mean women can’t dominate in this arena...


Though it may seem a daunting task, starting kite-surfing can actually be very simple. You don’t need to buy anything at first, just go for a few lessons where they supply everything you need.  Everyone takes their own amount of time to learn so do not get discouraged if you feel it’s taking too long. Because once you get up on the board you will experience a freedom like never before! Everything falls away and all you can do is experience that moment, where the kite is pulling you smoothly across the water...


When I first came across Maaji Swimwear, it was love at first sight. And with that, I didn’t dare take my beloved swimwear out on the water with me. I thought they would be too fragile to rough it up with me in the surf. I also didn’t think they would be comfortable enough to kite-surf in, as most other bikinis and even one-pieces are not.

However, I was starting to get tired of my uncomfortable board shorts and rash vest in dull colours. So finally, I tried out wearing my Maaji bikini. And once again, love at first sight! Or in this case, love at first session! I knew these bikinis where the most comfortable I had ever worn out of the water, but now I realised they were comfortable in the water as well. As an added bonus, I could also go from the water to the beach without an outfit change.


The second I took my beloved Maaji out on the water with me, there was no turning back! Maaji Swimwear truly epitomises the spirit of a woman – uniquely beautiful and captivating on the outside, tough and resilient on the inside. The good news is that Maaji also makes particularly comfortable one piece swimsuits, rash guards and active wear which are great for those who want more cover and protection from the sun.

Just as you should never underestimate a woman, you should never underestimate a Maaji either! So get out there in your Maaji. Take it into the sea with you, run and jump in it. Take it hiking, climbing or just lazing in the sun. Get sweaty in it, or just look pretty in it. Whatever you do, have fun the way a Real Mermaid should!