Mr Boho - Colourful Eyewear

Mr Boho - Colourful Eyewear

In 2018, we introduced to our shelves (both online and in-store), an exclusive line of eyewear designed in Spain and made in Italy. MR.BOHO is more than just a brand, they believe in a constantly evolving attitude, aiming to develop “high quality products with authentic personalities at affordable prices”

MR.BOHO looks for a mix of simple, basic lines, classic references and particular elements that can provide their products with that ideal touch of distinctiveness. With the common notion that “basic is the protagonist”, they create designs which speak to styles of a worldwide audience for whom Colourbox is a one-stop fashion and lifestyle destination. As a result of this concept, MR.BOHO allows their brand story to be told by the experiences of their users.

The designer eyewear line has created three collections, of which Colourbox retails “SUN”. The focal elements of SUN are design, convenience, and modernity. Elements which speak closely to the express mission of Colourbox – to enhance the vibrant and free-spirited energy of today’s discerning fashion-lover.

We love MR.BOHO because similarly to our other brands, they believe in the smaller details. Achieving a perspective that is both modern in style, yet classic in concept. With bold new models like Lagoon Gracia speaking volumes of personality using multiple textures and colours, Mr Boho is artistic. Whereas, the elegance of their brand, is better translated through eyewear like Champagne Hayes with its neutral, transparent tones and gold finishes.

Colourful Selection, Endless styles.

Colourbox presents MR.BOHO


March 02, 2021 — Sigal Kolin