Aldo Martins - Chele Jacket
Aldo Martins - Chele Jacket
Aldo Martins - Chele Jacket

Aldo Martins - Chele Jacket

Aldo Martins

R 5 950

    The ultimate summer jacket! Fresh, elegant, soft... perfection. The fit and finishing details of this jacket are a testament as to why Aldomartins has become so well known for their quality and uniqueness.
    • Fabric: 59% Viscose, 32% Polyamide, 5% Polyester, 4% Cotton
    • Product code: AM-8350-8920

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    In 1975, designer Marti Bisbal founded Aldomartins, a luxury brand specializing in womenswear with a chic, cosmopolitan edge. Designed and made in Spain, his impeccably tailored garments are distinctly European, featuring bold prints and the finest materials.

    Every item of clothing created by this boundary-pushing brand is an unmistakably vivid expression of the daring culture from which it originates. With each piece bursting in boldly kaleidoscopic prints and exhibiting unexpected one-of- a-kind designs, the truly unique clothes produced by the forward-thinking brand that is Aldo Martins, act as ideal complements to the audacious lifestyle of the modern fashion lover who is, above all else, authentically herself and unafraid to live her truth.