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Yoga Magic by Tegan B Yoga

My name is Tegan Burger, and I am a Yogi :) I have been practicing yoga since 2011 and have completed over a thousand hours of training, including the internationally known Jivamukti Yoga. I spend my days teaching yoga privately as well as at Living Yoga in Johannesburg and have recently start hosting one day urban retreats for women. Alongside my yoga life I am also a student, now in my second year of a BSc in Nutritional Science. I love teaching yoga so much because I am able to help people, this help shows itself in so many ways and for that I am so grateful.

There are many ways to connect to your body, to your breath and to yourself. For me yoga as a practice does all of this and so much more: through the physical practice I have overcome many fears and have become more confident. With all the attention to the breath I have learnt how to manage myself in times of stress and have reduced those feelings of panic.

Yoga has completely come off the mat and filtered into the rest of my life and has made me aware of my body. This has become so beneficial as a yoga teacher because I am reminded of the challenges I am working with and where I am working towards, and I use this to inspire the people I teach.

In all of my day to day running around in between classes I find I need to dress casually as well as be yoga ready, Maaji Activewear has become such a fun addition to my wardrobe with their pops of colour and their comfortable fits!

Set Your Goal, Shake Your Soul, and don't forget to BREATHE... Namaste!