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Calling All Fitness Lovers: Join the JOYVOLUTION!

Known for their unconventional, creative and colourful collections, swimwear super brand Maaji has recently released an exciting new range of activewear that Colourbox is thrilled to introduce to the South African market.

Maaji Joyvolution

Though this perennially popular Colourbox staple may primarily be seen by consumers as a superior swimwear design house, the brand has, since 2015, been creating iconic pieces of activewear, resulting in Maaji’s steadily becoming a major player in this segment of the global fashion industry. Maaji’s newest active range certainly lives up to all expectations and solidly cements the Colombian born brand’s place in this competitive space.

Inspired by the demands of pure athletic performance and with designs focused on the four key active pillars of yoga, running, dance and athleisure, this new collection – boldly entitled JOYVOLUTION – is so much more than just a range of clothing to work out in.

Maaji Joyvolution

The JOYVOLUTION range of active garments is a radical movement, a call to action to the sun-kissed Maaji lover to embark on a joyous voyage of vitality, out of the water and into the dappled forest, ethereal dance studio or sublime yogic retreat.

Every single JOYVOLUTION piece is typified by inventive shapes and lines, characteristic of the Maaji brand. These fresh forms create distinct silhouettes that define the daring and active 21st century woman; someone whose wardrobe matches her free-spirited, fun-loving attitude.

Maaji Joyvolution

Using only the highest quality pliable fabrics, the JOYVOLUTION line will comfortably carry the runner, yogi and dancer within to triumphant self-assurance. And with eclectic combinations of prints, coupled with the functional use of unexpected features, like mesh overlays, reflective details and zippered elements, Maaji has once again created a range that is as practical as it is pretty. Not to mention that certain items in the range are (as is often the case with this unique and cutting edge brand) completely reversible, allowing the wearer the utmost flexibility in choosing how she joins the JOYVOLUTION movement.

Maaji Joyvolution

So if you’re on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to expand your active, yet stylish lifestyle, the launch of this adventurous new line of fitness and wellness gear is just the call you’ve been waiting for. With JOYVOLUTION, as always with Maaji, the balance between function and form has been perfected, ultimately initiating a powerful movement towards fashion-forward and innovative designs that flatter as much as they perform.

Unleash your inner rebel and join the JOYVOLUTION movement, available to purchase online or in-store at Colourbox, on 4th Avenue, Parkhurst in Johannesburg.

Meet #TeamMaaji

Embodying the sun-soaked, sandy spirit of summer, Maaji’s wide range of colourful swimwear and activewear provides the perfect uniform for any of the season’s favourite pastimes. And when it comes to summertime sports, is there any activity that screams summer fun in the sun more than beach volleyball? 

Maaji Activewear

Because Maaji garments are so ideally suited to the sport, Colourbox (as an ardent stockist of all things Maaji) is proud to be the official sponsor of Team Maaji, a successful local women’s beach volleyball duo.

Comprised of team members Lianne Vink (30) and Dieke Hessels (28), Team Maaji has proven themselves to be champions of the local beach volleyball scene. Having settled in Cape Town after moving from the Netherlands, Team Maaji has aced their way to the number 1 position on the national circuit and are currently working hard at maintaining that position.

 Maaji Swimwear

The national beach volleyball series consists of 8 events throughout South Africa and has taken Team Maaji to a number of South Africa’s greatest locations, including, amongst others, Durban, Stellenbosch, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Considering that the upcoming season will be only the second season of Team Maaji’s participation in the national circuit, Colourbox is beyond proud of the team’s incredible accomplishment of having virtually wiped out all of their competition; while looking bold and fabulous in their distinctive Maaji outfits of course.

Maaji Activewear

It’s unsurprising that the sporty Dutch ladies are loving their adopted new home of Cape Town. Who wouldn’t love practicing their passion on the breathtaking and perennially popular Cape beaches, like Clifton and Camps Bay?

Furthermore it’s clear that the team’s love for their new home, coupled with their enjoyment of playing the sport in their comfortable, yet strikingly sexy Maaji apparel, create the winning formula that has resulted in the team’s phenomenal success.

Feeling amazing (and looking gorgeous) every time the players train or step on to the court for a game have undoubtedly provided Vink and Hessels with the confidence and spirit to crush their competition. And the reversible nature of their Maaji swimwear further adds a dynamic versatility to Team Maaji’s uniform. Having toured in Rome in June 2016, the volleyball pair are excited and looking forward to further international exposure in 2017; and of course preserving their status as South Africa’s top female beach volleyball duo.

While you need not be a part of the professional circuit to enjoy some beach volleyball fun, comfortable and fabulously functional activewear – like any garment from design powerhouse Maaji – will certainly help take your volleyballing to a whole new level.

Maaji Swimwear

So if you’re searching for stunning garments to accompany your beach-going active adventures this summer, look no further than Colourbox’s varied range of Maaji outfits, available online on the Colourbox shop or in-store on Parkhurst’s popular 4th avenue. 

Give Maaji a MUSEUM and they will FILL IT!!



Maaji has created unique works of HEART that will make your summer a more colourful and joyful one! This collection is a unique blend of frosted pastels and neon brights, perfectly combined to enhance the sun kissed summer skin of their #RealMermaids, and as always each piece reflects their happy spirit and positive psychology, or as better called their MAAJI-NESS!  


Four key colours of the Art Essence 2016 collection are Cyan Blue, Neon Lime, Pastel Pink and Orange Sherbet. Brushstrokes and hand-made details bring to life the beautiful prints, which not only evoke our artistic inspiration but also include playful swallows and leaf-texture details. 

The silhouettes are fashionable and functional, meant to be versatile: taking you from a surf in the ocean, laps in the pool, even the yoga studio...or everyday wear when mixed with other pieces; transforming them and giving them your own personal and casual feel. 


Skimpy triangular tops are enriched with streamlined racerbacks. Sporty zip front athletic tops with crossed and racerback details are offered. High neck 70’s halter styles, lend a little support and coverage if wanted. For a more feminine touch there’s even off the shoulder ruffles! Molded underwire tops are now offered with a little extra built in boost or unconstructed for more natural looking support. 


It looks like they dreamt their paintings and painted their Dreams! 


Maaji is a 100% Colombian Brand, which is why its label is: Made in Colombia with love. 


About Maaji: 

Since 2002, Maaji has been dedicated to the design and production of whimsical, luxury pieces. Influenced by their Colombian roots, co-owners and sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra pursued their dream of creating a brand that would enchant us all with its unique inventiveness. The eclectic and unconventional collections are designed for the modern, creative soul who dares to experiment with fashion. All Maaji lines: Swimwear, Activewear, Cover Ups, Kids and Trunks balance a unique mix of colors, shapes, silhouettes and textures that define the brand’s philosophy. For Maaji, every single detail of the garment is important. Their commitment to generating products of excellent quality, design, and innovative technology is illustrated in their creations. Each Maaji swimsuit is completely reversible – offering two looks for the price of one.