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Exude Parisian Ready-To-Wear Chic with Lauren Vidal

Straight from the trend-setting and iconic streets of the French capital, Lauren Vidal is a women’s fashion brand and design house that has been on the forefront of ready-to-wear style for more than two decades.

Lauren Vidal

The oh so chic French label has, since inception, focused its creative and manufacturing efforts on not only employing sophisticated design techniques in line with current trends, but also on pushing the limits of ready to wear into bold and innovative new territory.

Borne out of the brand’s founders’ passionate intention of defining feminine style, without ever compromising on comfort or originality, Lauren Vidal boasts collection after stunning collection of ready-to-wear garments, each impeccably articulating the essence of modern femininity.

Each and every item of fashion to emerge from this super stylish, yet undeniably wearable design house adheres to the brand’s core ethos of producing exceedingly unique and fashionable creations impervious to the frequently fickle fads that seem to permeate the industry.

Utilising an impressive array of fabrics, prints and patterns, Lauren Vidal’s collections are all designed with the contemporary fashion-lover in mind. Characterised by an unmistakable modishness and unwavering commitment to maintaining the free-spirited attitude with which the brand was formed, every piece of Lauren Vidal fashion allows the 21st century woman to sashay through life as the absolute best (and of course, most fashionable) version of herself.

Having already stocked a stunning selection of Lauren Vidal denim items, Colourbox is an avid enthusiast of the brand and therefore extremely excited to announce the introduction of a fabulous new assortment of Lauren Vidal dresses and tunics to its offering.

Lauren Vidal

Ideal for the upcoming season, the range of new Lauren Vidal creations, available exclusively from Colourbox, will elevate your wardrobe to soaring new heights of chicness.

So go ahead and let the your inner charm and grace ooze forth in one of the latest creations from Lauren Vidal, available to purchase online or in-store at Colourbox, on 4th Avenue, Parkhurst in Johannesburg.