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Spring Into Summer With Moses

As the warmer weather starts to grace our African shores, the fashion lover in you is almost certainly compelled to look at the latest style trends and accessories with the intention of getting your wardrobe summer ready.


And when it comes to summer wear, there is perhaps no item of clothing that is quite as essential as your shoes in providing you with that fresh, summery feel. Donned in the right footwear, anyone can strut their stuff towards the beach, park or swimming pool with the requisite style and confidence needed to get that summer really splashing.

Nowadays however, with so many brands and styles available, for the discerning consumer choosing the best option can often be somewhat tricky. Fortunately, the contemporary Moses sandal available at Colourbox online store and Parkhurst store, ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing your feet with a comfortable coolness that will not only feel great as you walk through the season, but also look sensationally striking as well.

Started in 2014 by French-Israeli designer, Sarah Gurt, Moses is a shoe brand that imbues the wearer’s every walking step with a colourfully whimsical sense of style and comfort. Each pair of Moses sandals is crafted from a sustainable and eco-friendly form of plastic- called PCU- into which pockets of air have been infused, thereby creating a highly durable and supremely comfortable shoe.

The iconic and at once familiar Freedom Slipper style from Moses is available in a funky and bright range of eye-catching colours. From the more standard hues of white, grey and black to the unexpected and visually arresting colour options of toffee, azura and candy, there’s a Moses Freedom Slipper to suit just about every taste and mood.

And best of all, because of the unique material from which Moses sandals are produced, each pair of Freedom Slippers is incredibly hardy, washable, animal friendly and cruelty free.  

To celebrate spring and the Moses sandal’s perfect place as a staple in your seasonal outfits, Colourbox is currently running a “Get your #summerfeet ready” promotion:

Buy a pair of Moses sandals from Colourbox online and Parkhurst store, from September 1st-4th, for R699. Yep, R100 off!! Use promo code: MOSESSPRING


Now you have every reason to Spring into Summer with your #summerfeet prepped and ready for some relaxed summer fun. 

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