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Don’t Lie in Weight This Winter

Stuck in the throes of some frosty winter weather, getting up early in the morning to exercise can seem close to impossible. However the frequently cited adage that summer bodies are made in winter bears significant truth. Anyone wanting to stay in shape throughout the year needs to keep in mind that remaining active in winter is all but critical to year-round health and fitness.

This however can be easier said than done for many people who find the world of fitness somewhat confusing.

A recent blog post on addressed this topic head on:

“There are so many ‘gym’ terms that we don’t even know if we want to lose fat, or gain muscle, or lose weight, or tone? Often, you feel like you need to lose weight, but in actual fact, a little bit of toning the body will do the trick.”

In addition to dispelling some of this confusion the blog post also provided some helpful and usable tips on how best to stay in shape and keep off those winter kilos.

From the top ways of losing fat and building muscle to workout soundtrack suggestions and choosing the ideal active wear for training (think Maaji’s awesome range of gear), some excellent tips have been supplied.

So check out the blog post and take advantage of Colourbox’s #EscapeWinter promo on all things Maaji.

Top Holiday Destinations to Escape Winter

As the wintry chill sets in, most of us in South Africa are likely to spend our days in blissful reverie dreaming about jetting off to some idyllic destination in order to escape winter.

While there may be many reasons why you think you can’t enjoy a holiday and escape winter (shout out to a fluctuating currency), it is indeed, most certainly possible (and easier than you think) to escape winter and revel in some time away from the cold weather.

The fact is that we live in a beautiful country, filled with amazing places to visit all year round. So if you’re fighting the freeze in Jo’burg, Cape Town or any other cold city, there are a host of warmer local travel options for you to choose from. There are also of course many destinations abroad that are both accessible to and affordable for most South Africans.

Here are our top holiday destinations (both local and abroad) to help you escape winter:

KZN North and South Coasts:

Ask any local where the warmest parts of South Africa are in winter and they’ll most likely say somewhere along the KZN coastline. From St Lucia and the iSimangaliso Wetland Park (a UNESCO world heritage site) in the north down to Port Edward in the south, the KZN coastline is dotted with a variety of towns, resorts and attractions to entice any sun-seeking traveler.

With the warm Indian ocean hugging the coastline, and far less humidity in the winter months, you’ll undoubtedly be strutting your stuff in summer swimwear on a beach, alongside a lagoon or by a swimming pool. 

Augrabies and the Orange River:

An often-overlooked region of our country is the Northern Cape. Predominantly a semi-arid region, this province often experiences summer highs of over 40° but in winter, temperatures generally hover around the lower 20s. As such, this is an ideal area to visit to enjoy some warmer winter weather; warm enough even to don on your new sandals.


One of the absolute highlights of any time spent in the Northern Cape would have to include a trip to the Orange River and the Augrabies National Park, which centres around the stunning Augrabies falls.

Indian Ocean Islands

If tropical paradise is what you’re after, it’s good to know that within only a few hours’ flying time, you can reach one of the many Indian Ocean islands on South Africa’s doorstep..

And because local low cost airlines now fly to both Mauritius and Zanzibar, there’s never been a better time to whip out the passport and pack that bag with your best summer/holiday wear.