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Announcing the arrival of Aldo Martins

Just in time for the upcoming autumn season, Colourbox is thrilled to announce the arrival of an exciting new range from groundbreaking fashion house, Aldo Martins.


Tracing its humble origins all the way back to Barcelona in the 1970s, Aldo Martins is a strikingly innovative knitwear brand that beautifully embodies the bohemian spirit of its birthplace in Catalonia.

Every item of clothing created by this boundary-pushing brand is an unmistakably vivid expression of the daring culture from which it originates. With each piece bursting in boldly kaleidoscopic prints and exhibiting unexpected one-of- a-kind designs, the truly unique clothes produced by the forward-thinking brand that is Aldo Martins, act as ideal complements to the audacious lifestyle of the modern fashion lover who is, above all else, authentically herself and unafraid to live her truth.

"each piece bursting in boldly kaleidoscopic prints and exhibiting unexpected one-of- a-kind designs"

The newest collection launched by Aldo Martins, entitled Vent Del Nord (or North Wind in English) draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of sources; including the tribal patterning of Native American textiles and the distinct lines and shapes of military uniforms from days of old. By employing these powerful elements, the Vent Del Nord range has the exhilarating capacity to carry you breathlessly on a journey through the imagination, a voyage of discovery and a harking back to bygone eras.


Every feature within this new collection weaves a brave and almost mystical tale, one that so eloquently describes the adventurous, free-spirited individual for whom Aldo Martins creations are most fitting.

Imbued in rich colours and boasting impeccable jacquard designs, the Vent Del Nord collection offers a wide range of garments of varying knitwear styles.

Though each piece of Aldo Martins attire evokes impressions of far-flung locales and exotic designs, you can now get these wearable works of art online, right here in South Africa, on the Colourbox online store.