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Follow the Sun This Season with oneseason

As the final winter chill starts to retreat, the glorious African summer sun begins to grace us with her comforting presence.

With her bright, yet rather humble arrival, most of us are likely to be lost in wonderful reverie, yearning to break free from the confinement of our thick winter layers. A release from the wintry weather means a return to loose-fitting outfits, fun days in the sun and long summer nights spent living life to its fullest.


With the 2016 summer season just around the corner, Colourbox is pleased to present the official launch in-store and online on the Colourbox website of stylishly refined Australia-based fashion brand oneseason.

Born in the winter of 2006, oneseason is the brainchild of Shani Anderson, who at the time of its inception, held a bold and free-spirited vision for the upcoming summer. Having been in the fashion industry for some 3 decades, Anderson aimed to design a range of clothing that would usher in a new era of style and fashion for the women who loved and lived along the Australian coastline.

The oneseason brand followed from this vision and comprised an elegant collection of flowing dresses, stunning shifts and striking throw-over garments that quickly became rather popular and, over the last ten years, well known for their thoughtful nature, imbued with a summery sophistication.

From the very first oneseason range back in 2006 until the current collections of today, the brand’s pieces have been created with only the best quality Indian cotton and viscose. In addition to the luxurious feel of every oneseason garment that these materials create, every print has been hand-designed and crafted, finished off with a unique wash, specifically for the brand.

With oneseason stock available in several countries around the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South Africa, the range and brand develop and evolve as it grows from season to season and strength to strength

Keen to get into summer in a truly unique oneseason garment? Visit Colourbox online or at our physical store in Parkhurst, Johannesburg to see more of their sun-inspired range.