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Don’t Lie in Weight This Winter

Stuck in the throes of some frosty winter weather, getting up early in the morning to exercise can seem close to impossible. However the frequently cited adage that summer bodies are made in winter bears significant truth. Anyone wanting to stay in shape throughout the year needs to keep in mind that remaining active in winter is all but critical to year-round health and fitness.

This however can be easier said than done for many people who find the world of fitness somewhat confusing.

A recent blog post on addressed this topic head on:

“There are so many ‘gym’ terms that we don’t even know if we want to lose fat, or gain muscle, or lose weight, or tone? Often, you feel like you need to lose weight, but in actual fact, a little bit of toning the body will do the trick.”

In addition to dispelling some of this confusion the blog post also provided some helpful and usable tips on how best to stay in shape and keep off those winter kilos.

From the top ways of losing fat and building muscle to workout soundtrack suggestions and choosing the ideal active wear for training (think Maaji’s awesome range of gear), some excellent tips have been supplied.

So check out the blog post and take advantage of Colourbox’s #EscapeWinter promo on all things Maaji.