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Zohara Tights


Tights, a winter and autumn staple - a quick go-to when the temperature drops and they never run out of style. But be weary of the Ugly Betty syndrome of mix matched ensembles...

Zohara, a fashionable tights brand, will help you through all seasons, not just the colder days. Read on for tips on how to style your Zohara tights:

Complementary coordination

Get navy tights and pair with the colour oatmeal for an office friendly though still slightly quirky result.

Pop of colour

Don’t be afraid to try eye popping colours, like fuchsia; this electric bright hue is fun and when offset by black it becomes more sophisticated and less Ugly Betty.

Pull a colour from your outfit

Try taking a colour from your outfit and create a statement that feels elegant and rich, brown and rust is always a fabulous combination.

Fun and funky

Patterned tights are a tricky but a funky new trend, always pair patterned tights with solid coloured tops or dresses.

Bold and brazen

Rock your favourite shorts in winter with tights, pair them with casual sneakers or ankle boots.

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