Colourful Reflections 

Maaji at Colourbox

 Our Maaji (Maa-Hee) feature is the second instalment to the Colourful Reflections series. The brand was established in 2002 and inspired by “the Maaji fish that lives in the waters of Thailand”. Designed and made with love in Colombia, the brand embodies the diverse cultures and lands of the tropical South American country. Featuring sustainable items produced with recycled materials, promoting eco-friendly fashion through reusable and reversible pieces.

Colourful Colombia

Maaji is a Maajical place with people who come together to “inspire, create and deliver” Maajic. The brand is inspirited by the Earths inherent beauty for which they protect through their #EarthWarrior Initiative.

We love Maaji for their mission towards protecting our Earth and using a colourful path to achieve this. Featuring ethnic influenced prints on pieces like the Tribal Melody Butterfly which uses a palette of neutral tones. Whereas the pungent colour is showcased in pieces like the Subtle Petals Allure, which draws inspiration from Colombian carnivals and the colourful Colombian cities.

Colourful Colombia

Colourbox retails an array of Maaji beach accessories, swimwear, gym attire and pyjamas. We continuously aim to display the latest collections on our shelves both online and in-store. Much like our other boutique brands, Maaji thrives on authenticity and a unique switch to the norm.

Colourful Colombia

Colourful Selection, Endless styles.

Colourbox presents Maaji


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